5 Best Winter Holiday Destinations

There’s no doubt that the British winter isn’t for everyone. Not only does it get bitterly cold but it goes dark much earlier in the afternoon too, which can certainly take a tool on your mood.

If you don’t fancy spending Christmas in the UK, then below are some of the best winter holiday destinations to visit.


Lanzarote can often be unfairly dismissed but it actually has a lot to offer besides great weather. There are some great resort areas in Lanzarote as well as some fantastic luxury properties. The Timanfaya National Park is a great place to visit that allows you to see the volcanos the island is famed for up close.

Here are some of the best things to see and do whilst in Lanzarote. 



If you love the sun and the beach then Florida is a dream resort. Not only does Florida enjoy warm climate year round, it also has a huge stretch of coastline, making it perfect for a beach holiday. If the beach isn’t your thing, then Florida has plenty of other things to offer, including its many theme parks.


Barbados is a resort that many people have dreamed of visiting. With its pristine beaches and warm climate, it has something to offer for everyone. The luxury resorts on the west coast are what attract many people to Barbados but it also has some fantastic culture in its capital Bridgetown, including some great places to eat and drink.



Dubai has become a very popular holiday destination with the rich and famous in recent years but the destination has something to offer everybody. Dubai is one of the most visually striking places in the world, with its array of stunning sky scrapers that catch your eye as soon as you get there. In addition to the many luxury hotels that are in Dubai, there are also great beaches, amazing bars and great places to shop – making it a great place to visit regardless of what your idea of a good time is.

St Lucia

St Lucia is one of the Caribbean’s most popular islands and for good reason. In addition to its great beaches and beautiful climate, it also has some fantastic resorts that let you take in the beauty of the island in total luxury.