A Guide to Owning a Horse

Go anywhere in the countryside in the UK and you’re likely to find plenty of horses. Considering they’re not what you’d consider traditional pets, horses are incredibly popular in the UK.  Horses have played a key part in British history and remain a favourite with people up until this day.

If you’re considering buying a horse then there are certain things you need to take into consideration. Below are some of the things you need to think about.

Practical considerations of owning a horse 

  • Space – The most fundamental requirement of owning a horse is having enough space. You of course need a stable as well as a decent sized field for it to get exercise. It is possible to own a horse without having your own property in some areas, with renting a possibility. This can be very expensive though and isn’t always practical.
  • Expense – In addition to the space required to own a horse, you also need to think about regular expenses such as bedding and feed. Horses eat a lot so the cost of feed alone can soon add up. These expenses aren’t even the biggest cost however. There’s the initial price of a horse, including its transportation. There’s also the equipment you’ll need for it, such as a saddle, bridle, leading rope, grooming equipment etc. When you take all these things into consideration, it starts to become clear why owning a horse is so expensive.
  • Time commitment – Owning a horse is a big time commitment. Before you decide to purchase a horse you should think about how much time you’re able/prepared to put into it. A horse will typically require a time investment of at least a couple of hours each day.
  • Transport – If you need to transport your horse for any reason then you’ll need the right transportation, either in the form of a horsebox or horse trailer. A horse trailer is the cheaper option and the vast majority of vehicles are capable of towing a horse trailer. If you decide to invest in a horsebox then you’ll want to get the right level of insurance. Click here to get horsebox insurance quotes.