How Common is Drink Driving in the UK?

Close to a thousand people are killed every year as a result of drink driving incidents, with many more seriously injured. It’s a big problem in the UK, in no small part due to the drinking culture that’s prevalent in this country.

Drink driving is something that many people have done at one point or another but few would like to admit.

Below are some of the main stats about drink driving as well as the consequences

Drink driving stats

  • 940 is the average number of people killed each year due to drink driving incidents
  • 3,681 people are seriously injured on average each year as a result of drink driving
  • Roughly 85,000 people are convicted in England and Wales each year for drink driving related offences

These statistics might make for grim reading but the good news is that drink driving related deaths and injuries has been falling steadily each year for a long time now. For example, in 1979, there were 1,640 drink driving related deaths and 8,300 serious injuries whereas in 2014, there were 240 deaths and 1,070 serious injuries.

Click here for a full breakdown of stats for each year from 1979 to 2014.

The consequences of drink driving for individuals

Drink driving is not only a very selfish thing to do because of the risk you pose to your fellow passengers and other road users but it also comes with some severe consequences if you’re caught.

  • Harder to find employment – One of the biggest negative consequences of being convicted of a drink driving offence is that it makes it considerably harder to find employment. Even a conviction that only comes with a fine or community service will still be something you’re obligated to declare for 5 years from the date of your conviction. Even when you’re no longer obligated to declare the conviction yourself, potential employers will still be able to do a background check and find out this information.
  • Harder to get car insurance – Having a drink driving conviction will certainly make it harder to get car insurance. Insurance providers will now consider you ‘high risk’ and as a result you can expect to pay considerably more for your car insurance. Getting drink drivers insurance from a specialist provider is certainly an option but it’s something most people would rather avoid if possible.