Why Have Coffee Shops Become So Popular in the UK?

If you walk down any high street in the UK these days then it will become immediately apparent just how popular coffee has become in this country.

Britain is often associated with drinking tea but coffee has become the drink of choice for millions of people across the country. 

There are many reasons why coffee, and in particular coffee shops and cafe culture have become so popular in the UK. Shows like Friends in the 90s had a big impact on the popularity of coffee shops in the UK as many people sought to emulate the lifestyles of the main characters.

Another big influencing factor was the surge in popularity of mobile digital devices, including smartphones, tablets and laptops. Most coffee shops now provide free wifi and as a result they’ve become a very popular place to work, socialise and relax for millennials.

Have you ever thought of starting a coffee shop?

Given how popular coffee has become in the UK, a lot of people think of opening their own coffee shop. Of course, the popularity of coffee shops alone is no guarantee of success. In order to run a successful coffee shop there are many things you have to consider such as –

  • A good Location – A good location is essential for any type of shop and this certainly applies to coffee shops. A good location can be the difference between a business thriving or going under after just a few months. This is why most coffee shops are located in prime areas where there’s plenty of other shops around and therefore plenty of foot traffic.
  • Good staff – Well-trained and friendly employees are another essential component of a successful coffee shop. It’s important to remember that people go to coffee shops not just for the coffee but for the experience too.
  • A good insurance policy – One of the most important things that any coffee shop owner has to think about is protecting their business. This is done by getting coffee shop insurance.  A coffee shop insurance policy will provide protection for the building itself as well as things like liability claims, theft and tools and cash.